An app development company founded by developer and designer Jessica Szeto

What is TimeMoneyStuff?

I created this company because I feel like there aren't enough apps out there that care about the things that are important to me

Easy to Use

I believe in making apps that can do something simple but execute it well. No one has time for the kitchen-sink app that makes everything too complicated.

Useful for a different audience

As a busy woman, I feel like a lot of things I'd like to in apps but they don't exist yet. I have a million chores to do, movies to watch and thoughts in my head. I need apps that address MY needs.

Made for Humans

Sometimes as developers, we forget that there's real human beings using the things we make. Humans make mistakes, do unexpected things, and they're all different so build things that make their lives easier!

Friendly and Trustworthy

We hear a lot of scary things about privacy in technology these days. Yikes, I don't want anyone to be able to read my diary and I don't want anyone to read yours either!

Upcoming Projects

So what am I working on?


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